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    Michael Goldman

    Michael is a staff accountant in Meaden & Moore’s Tax Services Group.

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    Cleveland's Role in the Future of Technology

    Posted by Michael Goldman on Jan 28, 2019 10:07:08 AM

    Topics: Tax Planning & Strategies

    Unless you were just released from prison or escaped the rock that you have been living under for years, you have probably heard of the emerging technology coined “blockchain.” Furthermore, if you conduct business in Cleveland or live in the area you may have heard of the local movement Blockland. I know the hype around this word gives you that same queasiness you feel when people say words or phrases like “lit,” stay woke,” or “bae.” You must fight the urge of punching a wall but instead immerse yourself in something new.  There have been a lot of articles comparing the beginning of the internet to where we are today with blockchain.  If correct, we are at the dawn of something spectacular, a technology that can transform not only the way we do business but how we live our daily lives.  As Beth Mooney, CEO of KeyBank stated at the Blockland Solutions Conference “If you hate change, you will really hate extinction.” 

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    Is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Right for Your Business?

    Posted by Michael Goldman on Nov 1, 2016 8:52:18 AM

    Topics: Family Business & Succession, Tax Planning & Strategies, ESOP

    There are plenty of questions that can arise when considering an ESOP for your business. What is an ESOP? What are the benefits of an ESOP? Is an ESOP right for my business? Owners looking to transition out of the business, especially, should look closely and see if an ESOP is right for their company. 

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