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    Kevin Heisler

    Kevin Heisler is a Senior Manager in M&M’s Business Solutions Group. He has spent 10 years in management consulting and project management.

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    The Benefits of an ERP Audit in the COVID-19 Era

    Posted by Kevin Heisler on Jun 9, 2020 4:32:53 PM

    Topics: ERP, Management And Technology Resource, Technology, COVID-19

    Over the past three months, the COVID-19 virus and the accompanying pandemic has single-handedly caused a rapid down shift in economic activity never before seen in the modern industrial and post-industrial world. A recent article in The Atlantic addressing the incongruity of a record stock market rally taking place during a time of economic upheaval and widespread joblessness cleverly described these strange times we’re living through: “The COVID-19 crisis is simultaneously thrusting Americans into the pre-urban homestead economy of the 1830s, re-creating the Depression-era joblessness of the 1930s, and pulling forward the virtual economy of the 2030s. We are living in the weirdest economy ever.”

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