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    Guest Blogger: Becky Morgan

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    Lean Blockchain

    Posted by Guest Blogger: Becky Morgan on Jan 28, 2019 10:06:23 AM

    Topics: ERP

    Meaden & Moore is proud to showcase informative blog posts written by guest bloggers to further educate our audience and promote thought leadership in the accounting industry. This guest blog post is courtesy of Becky Morgan, from FULCRUM.  

    The phrase "Lean Six Sigma" is nonsensical to me. It's like "lean 5S" or "lean SMED." Why would we select our favorite tool and slap it after lean? Similarly, lean blockchain makes no sense. The good news is that I don't think anyone is using that phrase!   

    But people are asking if blockchain is something that lean organizations should be using.

    As with most things, the answer is: "it depends."

    Blockchain is a relatively new database formatting methodology. It uses some very cool math (or awful math if you find elliptic curve cryptology boring) and some basic rules to create a secure (until quantum computing is here, and by then we'll have quantum blockchain) source of transaction history that cannot be edited.

    So why would anyone care?

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