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    5 Key Issues to Consider When Starting Business Succession Planning

    Posted by Meaden & Moore on Jan 22, 2015 8:45:00 AM

    There are many considerations that a business owner must take when planning for the succession of their business. These considerations can weigh heavily on an owner, but are important to think through as the business succession planning process begins.

    Joe Mentrek Family Business Succession Video

    The business succession planning process encompasses five considerations. These include:

    • Emotional and familial harmony, which involves maintaining the balance between family and business.
    • Ownership transition, where it is necessary to determine the best candidate to run the company for the next generation.
    • Management succession – who is going to actually run the company? This can be a challenging time, as the owner must emotionally detach from something they’ve worked hard to build.
    • Financial and tax aspects that must be considered in order to understand the impact on the net realized value of the company.

    To learn more details about the family business succession planning considerations mentioned, click on the image above to watch our video. This is the second video of our Business Succession Planning video series. See the first video, “What is Business Succession Planning?” here.

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